About Deere Company

John Deere was established in 1837 by blacksmith and inventor John Deere in Grand Detour, Illinois. It was originally a small one-man business, producing highly innovative ploughs to help farmers work the tough soil of America’s Midwest.

Today John Deere is an agricultural equipment company; it produces farm machinery such as combines, balers, and tractors for agricultural use. Deere also manufactures construction, forestry, and lawn care equipment. The company is a prominent global leader in its industry and employs over 60,000 people worldwide.

john deere company

John Deere has recently made commitments to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It is dedicated to developing innovative products that use fewer resources while producing higher yields for farmers and other agricultural industries. The company has also made investments to reduce its environmental impact, including improving the fuel efficiency of products and reducing waste through recycling programs.

John Deere is deeply committed to its core values: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. These principles guide their decisions and shape the company’s culture. The company understands that its success depends on its ability to meet the needs of today’s farmers and other agricultural industries.

Subsidiaries of Deere Company

It includes Wirtgen Group, The Vapormatic Company, A and I Products Inc, Kespry, and Blue River Technology. These companies specialize in specific areas of the agricultural industry such as road construction and crop sensors. By diversifying its business portfolio, Deere is able to serve a wider range of customers in a more efficient manner.

Financial services Provided by MyJDFAccount

John Deere Financial accounts can be managed online through the MyJDFAccount portal. Customers can access account information, make payments, manage inventory, and much more. The online services are secure, comprehensive, and available 24/7.


In addition, customer service is available to answer questions and provide assistance regarding financial services provided by John Deere Financial. Customers also have access to a variety of resources such as online manuals, customer bulletins, and event information.

John Deere Financial understands the importance of agricultural equipment financing for farmers and other agricultural professionals. They strive to provide flexible, competitively priced financing solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

John Deere is committed to providing superior financial services and products to its customers throughout North America and around the world. With a long history of innovation and success, John Deere Financial is here to continue providing quality service for years.

John Deere Credit

John Deere Credit offers a wide range of financial services for agricultural and commercial customers. With competitive rates and flexible terms, John Deere Credit is a great choice for financing your next tractor or piece of equipment. They also offer other services such as lines of credit, leasing, and asset-backed loans.

John Deere Financial’s commitment to customer service ensures that customers receive the best possible experience when they partner with John Deere. The company provides a variety of resources to help customers make informed decisions and ensure their satisfaction.

Details of the Carbon footprint of John Deere Company

John Deere understands the need to reduce its environmental impact and has implemented a variety of initiatives to decrease its carbon footprint. These initiatives include reducing energy use, water waste, and packaging materials.

The company is working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2025, with the ultimate goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. John Deere is also investing in renewable energy sources and has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in line with science-based targets.